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Development Testing

We have always believed that testing is essentially a development tool rather than an end-of-design performance check. The reason for this is again due to our heritage experiences in the automotive industry.

A leading member of the crashworthiness testing group Euro-NCAP once told us that the door latch has more influence on the final vehicle safety score than any other class of product. As these scores have a direct effect on car sales, vehicle manufacturers maintained a unique focus on our product robustness and test results throughout any development.

This taught us the value of continually prototyping and testing our concepts and of feeding results back into the development process as it progressed. We shortened project timelines, minimised the opportunity for errors and ensured that there were no surprise test results at the end of the product development that could jeopardise cost or delivery targets.

Whilst not all organisations are lucky enough to have this facility in-house, we are ready to help support you with this vital service on any kind of product.